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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
You are having a laugh! When MJ learns what happened to Harry because she broke up with him, she feels incredibly guilty, realizes the consequences of her wild party kind of lifestyle she liked to have, and stops being the 'party girl'.
You can't ignore the characterisation up to this point in the comic timeline. Before they changed her she was exactly like she was in SM1 and SM2.

Here I posted this above. Classic example of a changed more mature and caring MJ:

Peter bites her head off and pushes her away, but she stays anyway.
Yes, like MJ in SM3 after Peter hurt her in the restaurent scene.
BTW:A few issues later she refused his proposal and run away.

Where in the Spider-Man trilogy does MJ show any guilt or remorse for any of her selfish actions? When does she even try and change her ways?
"Selfish actions"? In SM3 she put Peter over her own feelings after she got fired. She came looking for him after May called her.

Yes that's right, never. Hence why that comic book MJ was a saint in comparison.
Not really...

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