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Default Re: How/When should the new Batman be introduced? In reboot, WF, or JL?

Originally Posted by thorstone View Post
All I've seen is that Nolan is producing and not directing anymore super hero movies, and that multiple people have confirmed that Bruce Wayne's story is completed. Just because Bruce Wayne's story is complete doesn't mean Batman's story is complete. They have been forced to speak on Bale not coming back multiple times because the fanboys are in denial that Batman was recast at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.
Those are old news, dude. Goyer and Snyder have literally said the words "Batman is being rebooted" and "TDKT doesn't take place in the same universe as MOS". They announced this a couple of days prior to MOS coming out. You'll find tons of links and discussions on this in the JL forums.

The only small chance there is left of bringing Bale back at this point is if MOS 2 or the Batman reboot ends up being a disaster. In that case, WB might get desperate and bring Bale back for JL. However, I would find it pathetic if anyone wanted and wished for any DC film with potential to bomb just because they want Bale back.

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