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Default Re: Aaron Johnson May Be Quicksilver

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
People point out that Tony gave out his address in IM3, but Mandarin and anyone else who wanted to know where he lived doubtless already did. He's the type to be on every "entertainment" tabloid show, with photos of the house in magazines and even on Google Maps. Besides, Killian/Mandarin would have to be pretty stupid if he couldn't track Tony down there or at that skyscraper with the giant "A" on it that was ground zero for an alien invasion. The challenge was just a trigger for the mansion attack.

As for the Maximoff house, it just strikes me as strange that the notoriously prickly and standoffish Quicksilver would have his name on a mailbox like that, no matter the time frame. He has always been suspicious of others to the point of paranoia, so that is out of character. Not that Singer's X-films have ever been overly concerned with portraying characters as they were in the comics.

Also, in the comics the Sentinels were out and about and snatching up mutants in the 1960s. There were anti-mutant protests back then, too. One would imagine that after Shaw and his mutant cronies almost nuked the world to a cinder in 1962 world would have leaked out about the "mutant menace" and engendered fear in the general public. The DOFP story is about how Sentinels eventually exterminated most mutants and turned on their human masters, so they should be lurking around somewhere unless Fox turned them into giant ****-clouds like Galactus.
All of that is fine, but what I'm saying is that it's no different than how everyone already knew where Stark lived. And Tony was egging Mandarin to attack him. It's not like this house has fireworks bursting up from the roof that say, "I'M A MUTANT! ATTACK HERE!". This is just a mailbox with his last name on it, and like I said, we don't now if he's built up a reputation that people will immediately know who he is by the last name. And no one seemingly knows how to track and pinpoint mutant locations except for Charles using Cerebro yet.

I don't have anything to say for your personal reasoning why you don't like the Maximoff name on the mailbox, other than you should never expect the movies to be exactly like the comics. Especially in the Fox universe. But you pointed that out. Some things about Downey's Stark was out of character in the beginning. But I'm not going to turn this into that kind of thing. But if you're not content with the character, then okay, I won't argue that.

And yes, once again, the Sentinels were not around in the 60's(we got proof of this with First Class). I'm aware what the DOFP story is about, however you should expect changes to be made as I've already mentioned. I don't expect full-blown sentinels to appear in the 70's, but they very well could. Just speculation for now.

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