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Default Re: William Fitchner IS The Shredder

Originally Posted by NinjaTurtleFan View Post
I just deplore Eastman defending this especially with a big change as going from Oroku Saki to Erik Sachs. I would love to hear Laird's thoughts on all these changes. I know he blasted the whole alien idea by making sketches and commenting on it.

I will say I did love the joke someone made the other day by calling his name Goldman Sachs and having him be called the Shredder because he shreds papers. Genius joke.
Eastman is really just in it for the money now. He does really care too much anymore. Or rather, he doesn't care enough.

and agreed on the Goldman Sachs joke. That one even made me laugh.

Originally Posted by Chip Chipperson View Post
Yeah, I'm just worried that if Pan of Steel isn't widely accepted by the audience and critics, they might try to shoehorn Pinocchio into the sequel, and we all know how long Hollywood has been trying to do a 'Pan vs Pinocchio' team up movie.
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