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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
No she wasn't. She didn't go through guys like a hot knife through butter, and try to score with other guys while dating someone.
She tried to make an statement on Peter while she was in a relationship with Harry.
She had a lot of partners or close friends in the comics, too.

How did Peter hurt her in the restaurant? What did he do that was so terrible?
You mean besides speaking about himself after MJ was fired?
Or hide his friendship with Gwen from her?

That's right, because she wasn't ready to get married. You see unlike Dunst's MJ, she doesn't agree to marry someone when she doesn't really love them, and then jilt them at the altar.
MJ dumped every person in the comics when she came very close to them. So she "always" run away.

And it's unfair to compare MJ in SM2 to the comic version. SM2 plays 2 years after the first one. And it was Peter who dumped her. And it was Peter who came back into her life.

When did she put Peter over her own feelings? She tells Peter to tell her he loves her, and then never says it back to him when he does. She gets angry at him when he tries to reassure her about the bad review she gets. She throws him a hateful jealous look when she realizes the crowd outside her theater are clapping for Spidey and not her. She doesn't tell Peter she got fired and then gets all upset when she claims he doesn't understand how she feels.
She did not tell him about her job because she did not wanted to destroy his day. Yes she put Peter over her own feelings.
Everything else is normal for an human and gives these characters depth.

She gets annoyed and jealous that he did the sacred upside down kiss with Gwen for a publicity stunt, but it's ok for her to use the kiss on John Jameson, and that was a private intimate kiss. Should Peter get annoyed every time she kisses a guy in a play?
There is a difference: MJ thought this kiss would be special for both. The was wrong.
I don't get your complain. It makes both character more real because they have different opinions.

She kisses Harry when she's with Peter. She's finally with the guy she's supposed to love and she still ends up kissing another guy anyway.
she regretted it. You know that is your example that comic MJ would be a saint in comparision with the movie version.

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