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Default Re: 5 Things you see Necessary for a Good Sequel

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Want to name 5 things you think would make the sequel better then the first?

For me

1. Introduce new characters. Im talking about more then just a new bad guy. We know Jimmy Olsen will likely be onboard, as well as Luthor. But I want to see Luthor get Mercy Graves as a sidekick. I'd also like there to be another female in the daily planet that gets a crush on Clark and tries to court him. I think that would create a nice subplot.

2. Clark Kent needs to be awkward or funny because hes a bad journalist, not because he trips over himself. Maybe he takes really bad photographs, or he simply doesnt know how to tell an interested female in the office no.

3. The film needs a more well defined middle section. Man of Steel felt like a rollercoaster, it went up and up and up building the story and plot and then it just raced down all the way to the conclusion. I want to enjoy the film more without a breakneck pace all the way through, so a meaty middle section where everything slows down with longer scenes of dialogue would be a welcome addition.

4. No comedy relief character. No one character should be funnier then the others.

5. Connect it to the Justice League. If they arent serious about giving Wonder Woman her own movie, then give her a healthy cameo in this film. Either her or the Flash, or someone who they arent planning on giving their own film. If there are no cameos, then connect it to the Justice League somehow, someway.
If he was a bad journalist he'd get fired, he should be a damn good journalist.


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