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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 3

Originally Posted by Clerk View Post
Honestly, they could've revealed the raddest machine this side of the Power Glove, and I still would've made the switch from Microsoft to Sony. The past few years of Xbox trying to pander to the Kinect crowd while only making Gears/Forza/Halo (especially when Sony is putting out products like Last of US) pretty much made me realized that I was on the wrong horse.

While I don't think there's anything wrong with the Xbox One itself, the mentality behind it has me switching machines. Which is a bummer, cause I bought the original Xbox on day one, but it feels like Microsoft is treating gamers like the lepers necessary to do business with so that they can push TV later on.
Can understand that. They definitely dropped the ball in the 2nd half of this generation for new exclusive games after a great start, while Sony released great new games every year and kept strengthening their lineup. I think they are trying to redress that during the early part of the XB1 but time will tell.

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