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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Well im glad they did that because I find it boring when a character like Batman or Superman is just on top all the time and unbeatable. You can't get emotionally invested in a film if you know theyre going to win no matter what is thrown at them. There's no drama, just cool fight scenes. And even the fight scenes become one-sided.
You can still have this if you have Batman be a badass, but just make make the enemies/situations/numbers stronger.

I personally don't have an issue with Baleman's badass level though; for the most part I thought the fight scenes were totally powerful and badass.

(other than the scene where he gets caught in a net, gets chewed up by dogs, and almost gets beat to defeated by a crazy clown..... That complaint I totally understand).

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