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Default Re: Rumor: Bale may be back as Batman in JL - Part 2

I still think a Batman Beyond movie would work in the Nolan-verse just toned down. No, not with JGL. When he's like 50 (playing a 45 year old) he can have his cameo scene. Hathaway too, who will be around the same age. Bale would be like 60 playing a 70 year old. Oldman around 75 with a couple of short scenes, no, not as Commissioner...that would be his daughter Barbara. You don't even need Jim Gordon honestly.

Same thing as the source. Terry McGinnis, futuristic Gotham but not as exaggerated for live-action. 30 years after the events of TDKR.

I don't see how that's a laughable suggestion to think that WB won't be asking Nolan and Bale to return in 20 years to do a Batman Beyond with an aged Bruce Wayne and a young Terry McGinnis.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc
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