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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Bryan Singer wanted the mansion to feel like a school not just be the main X-Men team.Plus
he thought It was way to sneak In characters who could be used more In future.

Iceman and Pyro got bigger roles In X2.

Colossus In X2 was intended to be beefed up in future.

Evan Peters Is not the kind of actor you get for just 1 or 2 scenes.If that was case they would hire a local actor.That alone makes you think there Is more to quicksilver.

Shawn Ashmore has now been in 4 films because they liked what he brought as Iceman.

Daniel Cudmore was keep as Colossus for last stand since they felt he had right look for colossus and since they weren't doing much why bother recasting him.

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