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Default Re: How Many Trades Do You Own ???

The List:

-Batman Knightfall, Vol 1
-Batman Knightfall, Vol 2 (recent reprint)
-Batman: The Long Halloween
-Batman: Year One
-Batman: Dark Victory
-Batman: RIP
-Batman: Arkham Asylum...
-Astonishing X-Men, Vol 1 (Whedon)
-Uncanny X-Men, vol 1 (Gillen)
-Wolverine and the X-Men, Vol 1 (Aaron)
-Masterwork: Avengers, Vol 1
-Masterwork: Avengers, Vol 2
-Masterwork: Iron Man, Vol 1
-The Dark Phoenix Saga
-X-Men: DOFP
-Civil War
-Mighty Avengers, Vol 1
-Mighty Avengers, Vol 2
-Avengers, Vol 1 (Bendis)
-Tales of the Batman: Don Newton
-Ultimate X-Men, Vol 1
-Avengers: The Trial of Yellowjacket
-Captain America: The Winter Soldier
-CA: The Death of CA (All three parts)
-Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt
-X-Files, Vol 1
-X-Files, Vol 2
-Infinity Gauntlet
-Batman: Prey

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