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Default Re: Who should direct Iron man 4?

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
I thought there wasn't going to be any more Iron Man movies? If there was then, please no Shane Black. He made Iron Man 3=The Phantom Menace.
I'm sorry but that's an awful comparison. If you hated IM3 than a better comparison would be X3, since its a third installment with a new director. Phantom Menace is a lackluster film made years after successful franchise films. Compare that film to Prometheus, Terminator Salvation, or Indiana Jones 4.

Subjectively, IM3 is a solid film. If Black returned for a sequel, the story elements some fans didn't like such as Mandarin, Tony Stark is Iron Man without the suit, suits are easily breakable unless a hero pilots them, wouldn't be in an IM4. The film would have different motifs, and if Black played to his strengths and introduced an espionage plot with Masque, Ghost, or Taskmaster, I think the film would be fantastic. Don't blindly hate on the guy because his take on certain elements differed from your own. For all we know, Drew Pearce might have come up with most of the story elements you didn't like. Black is a great filmmaker whose 2-for-2 since rejuvenating his career as a director.

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