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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

I think that the "mandarin" is beyond killian still..I think that the mandarin is a sort of biological ai created by killians mind when he first created himself. Neither Killian or Trevor is the mandarin, but yet they both are as well. The Mandarin is this biological ai, that can control all things extremis, simultaneously. So trevor wasn't "acting", it was a vessel of "the mandarin" same with Killian. I've explained my reasons for thinking this a while back, too much to type, but I still stand by it, and that the mandarin has allied itself with whoever is the head of hydra at the moment, and it is part of hydra's attempt to overthrow the globe, however, given what we've seen from ironman 3, I think this mandarin will return for avengers 2, more will come to light about what went down in ironman 3 in cap 2...and mandarin will sort of lead a team of masters of evil, with a struggle for power with zemo after a breakout in avengers 2...tony won't believe this conspiracy, that cap and fury discover in cap 2 after going "rogue", which leads to a bit of a civil war aspect, "twisting the knife"...before they all have to join together to drive off thanos.

that's my little theory lol I still stand by it

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