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Default Re: William Fitchner IS The Shredder

1. Keep the Foot the Foot. A military group is not the Foot Clan. Sure, the 80's cartoon show had robots fighting with katanas and blasters, but they still did ninjitsu. And they don't look like ninjas, they look like they work for Blackwater.

2. I don't want reincarnation. I just want the damn Shredder. I just want Oroku Saki. I don't care if one considers themself as an "egghead" or out of the box but by completely changing the skin color, the name, and who Shredder is and what he stands for--- that's not being out of the box, that's being a guy who either doesn't know a thing about the comics and cartoons, or has been told by his superiors to think BIG so instead of keeping the fans happy that person instead decides to do the opposite and pisses them off.

3. I don't see the positive of having Splinter be smaller than the Turtles. The whole making him a midget-sized Yoda-wise-sage idea is going to make me just think of "Kung-Fu Panda."

4. The casting of Whoopi Goldberg as Thompson. I still don't understand it. I'm not dismissive of it as other casting choices this movie has made, but it still is a very out of left-field casting.

5. Will Arnett as Vernon. This is the only real casting I like. I think Megan Fox won't be a bad April, but certainly not my dream April (Bryce Dallas Howard).

6. The Turtles. I hope they are a mixture of the old 80's comics design and the 1980's show than this (even though I want to play the game).

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