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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - P

Originally Posted by DareDemon View Post
Awesome. Is there any reason besides that synopsis you believe that? I'm sure there's nothing confirmed, but could be some rumors.

Also, lawl I said "predations the universe".
It's just my opinion. But Malekith....not sure if you've read the simmonson arc, but Malekith leads to a surtur saga. Surtur, in the MU, is the oldest being save galactus, "enemy that predates the universe itself"..."Malekith"...sounds like surtur to me

Originally Posted by mc7791 View Post
what does any of that have to do with Thor? First all the stuff about ASM2 cast and now Pokemon? I thought this was a Thor board.
Originally Posted by OstrichsRevenge View Post
Instead of acting like a moderator (which, I need not remind you, you are not one), why don't you post something about Thor and move the conversation back on topic? For instance, we could talk about SDCC and how exciting that is and how close it is and what we might expect from it.

It's not your job to police this board so stop acting like it is.

Originally Posted by SpocksBrain View Post
But apparently you think it's your job?
I typed out a response to this, but it would probably only start trouble, so i'll shorten it to this, ostrichsrevenge, practice what you preach, seriously. I think everyone here who ISN'T a moderator, KNOWS they aren't moderators, no need to remind it. People are entitled to their opinion

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