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Default Re: Vince Doesn't See Money in the Wrestling Thread

Caught up on Impact!

- Opening and closing segments were fine in content, Sabin vs Aries was actually pretty good, but the lack of logic in the booking of that whole deal is mind boggling, now Bully faces a guy who'll never be a main eventer.

- Also, why is Perkins now Manik (with a K cos it's cool! ) yet he's still wearing the same costume?

- AJ vs Kaz was a good match and kudos to Bad Influence for not coming out dressed as Elvis and doing something original instead.

- Gut-check is a joke, Ohriner needs to see if he can get an NXT contract.

- Mickie looked amazing and her promo was brilliant, she seems to be really enjoying being a heel. Personally I think they should have saved the ladder match for BFG and Mickie vs Gail as this will be the first one in a major US promotion to my knowledge.

- I actually thought the MEM segment worked really well, they looked great and the promos were strong. It made Joe and Magnus seem important and I got the kind of vibe I had when Batista and Orton joined Evolution with Triple H and Flair.

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