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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 4

I wish someone had shown Goyer General Frank Hummel in The Rock because that is precisely what General Zod was in Man of Steel, only not written as well. Granted, you can take away the crisis of conscience Hummel has in the end but even then you'd be left with a pretty compelling character nonetheless whose fierce loyalty and sense of uncompromising patriotism, though destructive, was understandably well-intentioned and clearly a magnetic force for his followers. Of course, Zod is supposed to be similar as well but he simply wasn't as convincing as Hummel who, despite his misguidance, had this air of accumulated wisdom and experience you expect from a decorated military leader. Shannon's Zod could have easily gone down as one of the best villains in comic book film history if only he had been given the right material.

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