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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by halo10 View Post
The Incredible Hulk was far better move than Ang Lee's version.
i don't think Ed Norton was head shoulder above Eric Bana. Also i enjoyed Sam Elliot as General Ross a lot better than William Hurt. (looked more psycho and intimidating than Hurt) but that's where it ends when compared to the Incredible Hlk.

Lee's version was just so cartoonish until it wasn't even funny. the best way to describe it was it looked liked an angry version of Shrek. Plus the first half of the movie was so very slow-dragging and too way too long t get into the transformation and action of the Hulk. i didn't like those silly square-dividing clips, and even the way Talbot died by fire off ricochet shell was cartoon fake-ish and the final battle with real dad "Absorbing Man" was disappointing to say the least.
Needless to say, i enjoyed the villain fight of Incredible Hulk vs Abomination much more than Lee's Hulk vs Absorbing Man.

The only thing i liked of Lee's version was the battle vs military (tanks, choppers,fighting jets) - which may have been the equal of " the Incredible Hulk" battle vs military.
Agreed. To most if not all.

However, Ang Hulk's dad villain was some amalgamation of several of Hulks villains including Absorbing Man and Zzzax. Which, looking back, at this point in CBM history, is just laughable. It's a joke. As if they couldnt decide on a way to do a single one of Hulk's villains justice so they just combined them all in hopes that it was passable. Which it was not.

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