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Default Re: Rumor: Bale may be back as Batman in JL - Part 2

Originally Posted by Dusty_Lane View Post
Dude, if you've read any of my previous posts I've stated that in all likelihood Bale is finished. However, again there is always a slight chance that things could change. There is still a lot of time before we even see a Justice League movie, if we see one at all. However, yes I do think throwing out a series of random names when only one actor will get the role is a waste of time. Sorry but it kinda is.
I've never been big on casting but I don't think it is a waste of time. None of us are saying that a certain actor should play Batman and end of story. We are simply throwing some suggestions out there. If another actor is cast, so be it. As long as he seems at least decent for the part based on his looks and career, most of us will give him a chance. Very few people here will drop their expectations from the new Batman just because the specific actor they had in mind wasn't cast. If anything, more people will be dissapointed by clinging on to the small chance of Bale coming back.

Yes, there is a slight chance but it is ridiculously small. Assuming that Bale wants to and is able to come back, the only thing that will bring him back at this point for JL is if MOS 2 and/or the Batman reboot ends up being a disaster. However, why would you wish for any DC film to fail just so that Bale could be brought back?

It is pointless to cling onto such small chances IMO. The people that do that are only setting themselves up for dissapointment. We all have hopes that our personal wishes will come true despite their chances being very small. Hope is good but there needs to be a point in which we accept reality. You want Bale back and I want the Maple Leafs to win for once, but the reality is that both of those things will most likely not happen.

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