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Default Re: About MJ and the men...

Regarding the above debate, it does need to be clarified that when talking about comic book MJ or any other character for that matter, we have to remember that there are always inconsistencies because of the change-up of writing duties.

When MJ was dating Harry, it was under Stan's pen, who considered Gwen to be THE ONE for Peter. So when MJ was making Harry jealous and feeling rejected it was more as a stressor to push Harry toward his drug problem (Which he already had according to the text, but just managed to keep hidden).

When MJ rejected Peter's proposal (Which was a good 5 years after Gwen's death) it was pretty clear that they weren't even close to being ready for marriage and reading the issues leading up to it, it was a pretty strange request from Peter. It seemed more like he saw Harry and Liz together, Flash and Sha-Shan, hell even Jonah and Marla and just felt he wanted a stable relationship. But he and MJ weren't at that point. In fact even though they had become an item back in ASM #149 at the end of Clone Saga 1, their relationship seemed to become an afterthought rather than the persistent thing in Peter's life that Gwen was. True, MJ did kind of blow Peter off suggesting that she wanted to be free to "date" other guys. But at least she was honest.

The difference with movie MJ is that comic book MJ was always held accountable for her selfishness. Peter would always tell her straight when she was being a b****. The movies never once called her out, even if it was to suggest that she needed to get her father/rejection issues under control. Somehow Peter was always the one that was wrong.

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