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Default Re: The Official Man of Steel Blu Ray Thread

I would love an extended cut, but I thought I read somewhere that Snyder indicated that the theatrical cut was definitive cut and they would not do an extended version. Extended versions are very expensive since they need to re-score them and add in more special effects, but this is one film that would definitely benefit from one, since it often seems as though scenes are cut in the middle of conversations and the transitions are so abrupt.

Another issue with doing an extended cut is the time it takes; Peter Jackson was able to pull it off because he had already shot all three LOTR films. They don't even have a script ready for MOS2.

I REALLY want to see the cut footage from the oil tanker; I felt as though we missed a lot there. I''m also particularly interested in cut lines between Clark and Lois.

For the extras:

If we can't have an extended cut, I want to see every deleted moment they are willing to give us
Two hour documentary on the making of the film that can be cut into smaller segments (i.e. special effects, casting, etc.)
Workouts/body transformations for everyone
Screen tests, particularly Henry's
Bloopers (Russell Crowe has mentioned in several interviews that babies were constantly pooping on him; I'd like to see that, as well as Michael Shannon messing up in his most serious moments)
Kryptonian command key (someone's idea of making it a USB stick is really cool!)

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