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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
The FF are being rebooted as a franchise in 2015..... how does that equate to dead in any sense?

The FF reboot comes out in 2015, And it will steamrolled by either Avengers 2, Star Wars 7, or possibly a Justice League movie, with the field its up against in 2015 and the almost non-success of the original films, People just wont be interested. And knowing Fox's reputation has a studio, They are probably waiting for Disney to drop SW7's release date, So they can put FF in direct competition with it, So they can teach O'l George a lesson, Which will no doubt backfire, So before the movie is even released, Calling FF a dead franchise is pretty damn accurate.

This is just my idea of how they could connect them:
In the end credit/post credits scene of FF they could have Sue tell Reed she's pregnant. Then in FF2 she could have had Franklin finally introducing the character. Then in the end of FF2 they could have Xavier come to Reed and Sue and tell them that he's sensed that Franklin is perhaps an higher than Omega-level mutant thereby establishing those two film series being in the same universe without it being weird because Franklin is a mutant so it'll make sense to the audience that he's popped up on Xavier's radar given his power level (reminiscent of the scene from X3). Then if X-Men DoFP fixes the timeline and we get more present time movies they could introduce some more X-Verse characters. It could be around 2020 when they do a crossover X-Men/FF Days of Future Present movie. This gives them enough time to set up movies and characters for both series.

As long has Fox is involved, This isn't going to happen.

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