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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Don't know if anyone's mentioned this but (if Brainiac IS in the sequel) I'd love to see a Metropolis upgrade, like we saw in the Superman Y2K storyline.

Braniac could come to Earth initially as a hero, bringing us new tech and knowledge for our world, giving us a free upgrade, until he realizes the Last Kryptonian is very valuable in some way, possibly on the intergalactic auction circuit (also taken from a non-Brainiac storyline about 5 years ago). Although Nolan/Goyer would probably think of something a bit more creative than an auction house.

Mid-way into the movie, Lex could use his knowledge of the atmostphere-changer that we saw in MOS to build a portable version (calling it "Kryptonite"). He places this device in a terminator-like robot of his called Metallo and sends it after Superman.

I'd love to see Mxyzptlk in one of the movies. I've also always liked Shrapnel for some reason (a robot whose power is to explode into pieces and regroup, injuring those around him IIRC).

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