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Default Re: Vince Doesn't See Money in the Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
The issue I have with the IWC community is that many of them look at all the flashy moves of certain wrestlings and ignore basic ring psychology, as in if their mic skills are up to snuff, if they're good at telling or carrying out storylines, if they can sell, do they follow a good strategy, and also, like what's been talked about in this thread the last few weeks, do they fit in with a certain companys goals or can they adjust to a certain company's plans?

Say what people want about Cena or Hogan, or other guys in the past, but they may not be the flashiest wrestlers nor are they most skilled wrestlers, but they both had a great understanding of ring psychology, unlike the f**king Great Khali or some of these indie darlings the IWC raves on about.
My blood boils when they say Indy wrestling is real pro wrestling and the ultimate best,Especially when they say that and put someone like Kevin Steen in the same sentence

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