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Default Re: Vince Doesn't See Money in the Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by AntMan View Post
It's true. Their were so many bandwagon fans that jumped off after a bit.
Originally Posted by LuisTX85 View Post
On here it's never that bad But I've read on different wrestling forums where people I knew would mark for Punk like during SES/New Nexus and claimed "jizzed"during the pipe bomb and that he was so badly used&one of the most underrated..But once Punk turned face/casuals dug him much more and did his pipe bombs they acted like was Hulk Hogan and when he tried to get Beth Phoenix a push and his long title reign started they acted like was was a major douche and worse than Cena.

When Zack Ryder started with his YouTube videos they loved him But once he became Cena's best friend on TV he was a joke and his guts were hated.
The fickleness and hypocrisy makes me laugh, tbh, especially when a huge majority of them seem to put themselves on a pedestal and think they are the elite and ultimate.

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