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Default Re: Commissioner Gordon Casting Thread

Originally Posted by starwolf_oakley View Post
Whoever is cast Gordon, they have to give him something to do. He had a lot to do in BB and TDK, but he didn't do much in TDKR, other than losing his speech about Harvey Dent and getting shot
Didn't do much in TDKR?
I'm pretty sure he:
-Discovered where Bane's lair was
-As you said, was injured because he discovered where Bane was.
-Motivated Batman to come back while he was in the hospital
-Promoted Blake to detective
-Took down two of Bane's thugs in the hospital
-Organized a rebellion against Bane
-Motivated Deputy Commissioner Foley to get off his lazy ass and fight
-Blocked the signal on the bomb
-Gave the eulogy at Batman's "funeral".
-FINALLY discovered who Batman is

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