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Default Re: A second viewing

Originally Posted by Stephen K. Hone View Post
So am I then. I could nit pick little things here and there, but I won't as for me it was a 10/10 experience, and that's after 6 viewings. I'm still not burnt out on it, and plan on seeing it another couple of times. Still Have IMAX and 3D IMAX to do yet.
I'm so glad to see there are other people like me. I absolutely LOVED MOS. It gets better and better with each and every viewing. I know that there are those on here who go into movies with a notepad and pen and take notes on everything they see wrong. I'm sorry but I don't go into movies wanting to analyze it frame by frame. That kinda defeats the purpose of going to the movies. Are there movies I don't like? Sure! It's not because of this or that, it's simply because I didn't like it. If someone asks why didn't you like <insert movie name here>? My answer is simple......because I didn't. Same reason goes for movies that I do like. I'm trying to figure out why I have to have a reason for liking/disliking a movie and then justifying why.

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