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Default Re: Commissioner Gordon Casting Thread

Honestly, they will probably dial Gordon back, which may be indicative of someone like Cranston not doing the part or acting in such a role.

Comic fans take for granted that Oldman nailed how Gordon has been depicted in comics, well more '80s and late '90s/early 2000s comics. He is usually depicted as old, inept and a bit oblivious. That is because Batman has a whole "Bat-family" to rely on and Gordon is more of an obligatory role as Batman's public servant cheerleader.

Look at the Burton/Schumaucher movies or the Adam West TV series. While ever since YO, Gordon has not been depicted as that perfunctory, he is often rarely more than that, including on the beloved TAS. It is those early stories where Batman doesn't have a "family," Year One and The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, that really push Gordon to the forefront. That is also why Nolan did it, because he wanted a Gordon who could act as Batman's partner and confidant. Intriguingly, when Nolan introduced his "Robin" within Blake, Gordon got pushed somewhat to the side like he does in most comic book stories.

If there is a full Bat-family in the next one, I imagine they will differentiate it from Nolan's take by not only downplaying Fox, but the rest of Nolan's version of a "Bat-family" including Gordon and, yes, even Catwoman.

Just a thought.

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