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Legendary “Likely” To Select NBCUniversal This Week For Big New Showbiz Partnership
Originally Posted by NIKKI FINKE
I’ve learned that Legendary Entertainment‘s Thomas Tull could announce his selection of a new film/television financial, distribution, marketing, and production partnership as early as this week after kicking tires all over Hollywood. And insiders tell me that Comcast is his choice barring some last-minute over-the-top offer from a rival media giant. “NBCUniversal has been the likely candidate from the beginning. And it will likely happen momentarily,” one source tells me. The general concensus on both sides, according to insiders, is that “it would be a really good fit” because of Tull’s appetite for a so-called ’360 media’ deal involving films, television, parks, and digital. Says another: ”They’re in the end game. But Sony or another studio may still overpay – and that’s the problem.” I hear Tull, 43, and the Universal team already have a rapport. I reported last month that Tull had met twice with NBCUniversal chief and Comcast #2 Steve Burke over at NBCU. Then I reported that Legendary was adding Lionsgate to the mix of suitors NBCU, Sony, Fox, and Warner Bros. Now Tull would be wise to make the selection before Warner Bros opens his Pacific Rim next weekend because the $190M scifi actioner is tracking poorly - no better than mid-$30M for its 3-day opening. Also Legendary has big plans for Comic-Con this month. Meanwhile, Universal’s selection would cap a very profitable filmmaking year.

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