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Default Re: Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin! - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
Anyway, I didn't mind the twist at all. It was a fun misdirection, and Aldrich Killian ended up embodying all of the core aspects of The Mandarin from the comics anyway: A nobody filled with bitterness and ambition, who stumbles across a source of power that allows him to fight Iron Man in close quarters combat without a suit, and reinvents himself as a criminal mastermind working through guerrillas and terrorist groups as proxies to amass all of the power and wealth he feels the world owes him. And Guy Pierce played the part very well.

The main difference is that he's a white guy named Aldrich Killian instead of an Asian guy named Gene Khan, which I think is necessary because The Mandarin is a little bit racist let's face it.
You forgot to mention his primary weaponry he wears in all his fingers. The Ten Rings.

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