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Default Re: William Fitchner IS The Shredder

Originally Posted by the_ultimate_evil View Post
You know I was thinking about how this could be saved or even work

The Idw route.

Have him be Eric Sachs a general in the milatary in change of his elite group which he has named the foot, though he doesn't know why, play up the whole conflicting ideals and memory's he has had his whole life but seeing splinter and the turtle has kicked it in to high gear

When he finally snaps he realises the foot, yoshi are all from a past life. He recreates his armour demands to be known as saki and becomes the own true shredder
I can definitely see them going this route. In fact, I'm expecting a reincarnation angle after Fichtner's comments about "stages of existence."

I think Karai could factor in and present some conflict too (since we've seen set photos of an actress dressed like the character). Perhaps she's the real Oroku Saki's heir in charge of the current Foot Clan. Under her command, the Foot have adapted with the times, using guns and such. She could be responsible for resurrecting/reincarnating Oroku Saki through Eric Sachs, and maybe he takes issue with the direction she's taken the Foot. He resumes control, and reverts back to a more traditional ninja Foot Clan.

With the way a lot of franchise movies seem to be setting up the "status quo" at the end of them (Batman Begins, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, Skyfall, Man of Steel, etc.), I wouldn't be surprised if this Turtle film does the same, giving us more familiar versions of these characters by the end of it.

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