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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire books

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
I'm 500 pages into Storm of Swords and Dany's chapters haven't been as bad as I thought they would (based on mum talk in the tv show thread). Theon is much more likeable in the books; more competent than tv show Theon, who seems like an idiot. I'm going to throw out a rough theory based on what I've read so far.
Really? I thought he was more unlikable in the book, the show made him more remorseful when he killed Rodrik and displayed the bodies of "Bran and Rickon." In terms of what he's done, he's more "evil" than Cersei (who I'd argue is the most "evil" character in the book) or anyone else because he betrayed the Starks for his family who had cast him aside. The only difference between him and Cersei is a) he's done in by his stupidity and b) (Very minor ADWD spoiler but season 3 already mentioned it) he's capable of redeeming himself since he regrets betraying Robb.

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