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Default Re: Rila Fukushima as Yukio

Think About The Ink! - Between the Pages - July 7 - The Wolverine - Comics to Movies

Rila Fukushima is Yukio in The Wolverine 2013! 20th Century Fox and Hugh Jackman hope the second time is the charm as they try to get Wolverine back on track, focusing on his legendary history in Japan! Host Grace Randolph, from Beyond The Trailer, and guest Alan Kistler talk about the history of Yukio and what she means to Wolverine...and Storm?! Is Rila Fukushima a good casting choice for Yukio? And how much does The Wolverine follow the original story of Wolverine in Japan based on the comic by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller? Enjoy The Wolverine in 2013! Think About The Ink is presented by Bleeding Cool.

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