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Default Re: Which characters from X3 and Origins would you want to remove

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I think it should have been the other way around

X3 focuses on Dark Phoenix especially the fans were really expecting to see Jean back with the Phoenix force.

X4 focuses on the cure, the government went ahead with the mutant cure project after the events of the Dark Phoenix saga.
Yea that would have worked too, I mean either way these two plot points were too big to shove together in such a short movie. We didn't have an x4 and you were asking what characters you would omit from the existing movies, so I'd have to say Phoenix since there wasn't a movie afterward to switch things around with and the cure isn't a character haha.

But yea, either way. I would have just saved jean for a more monumental come back done right. I'd rather some characters NOT be on screen rather than be completely wasted and embarrassed. Like juggernaut or Phoenix. I would love to see these characters, but I could absolutely do without the ones we got.

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