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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 6

Hmmm I hope he isn't Red Skull. That seems a tad too honest. The thing I liked about Strucker is that he enabled Hydra and was wealthy and influential enough to fund it but he wasn't really that powerful... He could be great character to justify Hydras continual existence but really be keeping the seat warm for Red Skulls eventual return.

I could see Pierce as a character trying to restore the Red skull, like they believe he used the tesseract to travel somewhere else and perhaps he's using the situation to find out confidential info about the tesseract etc for his own info?

I dunno. I love all the shady, spy, double agent world of SHIELD though, I'm really excited that they're exploring it in the Cap movie.

When I rewatched Avengers recently, I noted the one scene where Cap first boards the Hellicarrier and Maria Hill kinda checks him out as he walks past her and I just thought "One day, lady... One day you're going to really piss him off and he's going to leap outta that window and hop on a jet" :P

So the idea of Cap being a fugitive or on the run in this film has me very keen :P

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