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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Here's a different way of discussing this topic:

Which villians DON'T I think will/should be in the sequel, and why:

Doomsday: Powerful and scary but not intelligent. Maybe as a henchman for the half-way mark. A similar villain is Bizarro.

Darkseid: Another Conqueror of Worlds in 2015 next to Thanos? If they do go ahead with it, it would require a far more intricate and intelligent story than that (but we know Goyer/Nolan love their intelligent villians). Also in this category is Brainiac.

Metallo: Would lurrve to see him in a movie, but he's Earth-based, which sounds less exciting and gives MOS 2 a smaller scope IMO (sort of like Parasite). Superman needs a bigger threat than a Terminator or the Blob. Though they may also work well for mid-way villians.

Mxyzptlk: Very, very interesting if they go this route, but we'll fall into the same trap of Superman not punching things. The movie may also get a bit too fantasy-like, which is against what they're trying to do by making things more real.

So I think for the rest of the trilogy(?) it's gonna be (in descending order of possibility):

Lex Luthor

Luthor is a given, I'm sure. Goyer's already said that he'd need to be "intelligent", and I'm sure it would be a writer's dream to come up with such a character. I don't think there's *anyone* saying they don't want a Lex because of Hackman being in most of the Reeve movies. If they did say that, it would boggle my mind.

Again, I truly doubt any Earth-based villian will be the main villain for any of the movies henceforth. They really did kick this franchise off huge. Which non-Superman DC intergalactic villain is a possibility? Any of Green Lantern's perhaps?

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