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Default Re: 5 Things you see Necessary for a Good Sequel


Superman is going to have to face up to the widespread destruction he and Zod caused in Metropolis. By the time the movie ended a large portion of the city was basically a smoking crater, and Clark is the nly person left to answer for that.
This is good though, because it provides the absolute perfect bandwagon to Luthor to base his anti-Superman platform on.
Speaking of which:

Lex Luthor

Nolan/Goyer superhero movies are very fond of allegory and analogy. This is perfect for a character like Lex who should be the in-movie embodiment of the anti-immigration right wing pundits that we see so often in the media these days. Although, charming and much, much more intelligent than anyone really knows.
Oh yeah. and his power armour. Let's make that happen. He could build it from Zod's (the way I see Luthor in this, there's no way he hadnt retrieved Zod's body and wasn't halfway through conducting an autopsy on him like the day after Superman killed him.)
The way I see it, MoS' Luthor doesnt have to run for president. He can pick up the phone and have the president run for him.


Okay, this is important. MOS collected together the best cast of the summer season... and then gave none of them much of anything to do.
Out of everyone, let's have Lois and Clark actually get to know each other. Do they date? If so, where? What do they do? How does Lois feel about his dual heritage/identities? Is that a problem for them? etc, etc.
A good way to do this is to:

Put some distance between movies

Pick up the second movie a year or two after MOS. Do this for a few reasons.
First, it'll do a lot of the heavy lifting in regards to setting up Superman as Metropolis' established legendary protector.
Second, it'll do a lot to redeeming the destruction he caused if the movie begins in a shining 'city of tomorrow' Metropolis that we're told early in Superman worked day and night to rebuild.
It'll also be a way around having to set the movie in the wasteland MOS left it in.

No Justice League tie-ins

Just... just don't.

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