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Default Re: 5 Things you see Necessary for a Good Sequel

1.Have Superman as "the people's hero".Supe is the guy we look up to because he's what we aspire to be.We've already had two movies of him moping and looking for his "place" in the world.Enough melodrama.Embrace his optimism,and his belief in truth,justice and (gasp!) the American way.

2.Give him a strong duel identity.If they hope to do the Clark persona any justice,it's imperative that Cavill play him differently from Supe.Reeve did this well,and I expect no less from Cavill.I'm not saying he has to be fall-down klutzy,but he's got to be the guy no one suspects.Play that aspect up.

3.Introduce Jimmy.He should've been in MOS instead of Jenny.Take some time to develop the Planet's staff and comradery.

4.It kinda goes without saying,a little humor & a lighter touch would go far.

5.Have him actually called Superman,freely and openly.This sorta goes without saying,but one never knows.

I also would like the Williams theme (One can dream...).

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