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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

I really love the idea of her being the "secret" hero in a Captain Marvel movie - that is, have her as a kick-ass supporting character (with the audience suspecting "love interest"), Mar-Vell is taken out of commission after the Yon-Rogg incident at the end of Act 2, and Carol takes up the mantle, saving the day in Act 3. I know some oppose this, but I'm one of those who believes Mar-Vell should be fatally wounded in the Psyche-Magnitron explosion when saving Carol, instead of dying later of cancer from a past experience. He can remain on his deathbed during Act 3 which could feature a truncated version of his death in the comics, while Carol is out kicking bad guy a** in his stead.

The advantage of having lesser-known/TV actors in the role like Strahovski, Sackhoff or Winnick, is that you can set all of this up in other MCU movies first, without the audience wondering, "hey, why is Charlize Theron playing that pilot? Kind of a waste." I would personally like to see both Mar-Vell/Dr. Lawson and Danvers introduced in smaller roles in other MCU films (or even Agents of SHIELD) before the Captain Marvel movie, so that when he dies, the audience will have had ample time to become attached to him and it feels like the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one.

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