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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Nicko-Ray View Post
Mm not familiar with Pak. But good to know that Action is worth picking up. I haven't read my Action Vol. 1 yet, because if I'm done, I wouldn't have a TPB to continue :/ (you know the situation lol)
Morrison's run on Action was wacky as only Morrison can be, but it had some beautiful moments of brilliance, imo. And I just happen to enjoy his wildly imaginative ways, regardless. I also loved the Diggle issue after Morrison finished his run, but I was gonna drop it after that, knowing Scott Lobdell was taking over. Now I'm gonna read those issues just so I'm up to speed when Pak takes over. He did a great job for Marvel on Planet Hulk and Doctor Strange: Season One (the ONLY "Season One" I've really liked), and I think Batman/Superman is literally his first gig for DC, so I'm excited to see him jump onto the DC boat now, writing for my favorite hero, no less.

Originally Posted by Nicko-Ray View Post
Can any of you guys explain to me the ending? It was tied together pretty well but lemme get this straight-

The beginning of the comic, where it's set in Japan, the creature falling out if the sky is obviously the creature that Lane is hiding from Supes. But then in the epilogue, was it Perry who was talking about his great uncle? And how he used those binoculars to see the "tragedy" coming down? See, was that supposed to be the little kid in the beginning? But during Perry's speech, it had a meanwhile going on of a guy that was found on the boat with his eyes burned out. Was THAT who he was referring to as his great uncle? Any straightening out would be great. Thanks
The great uncle wasn't the kid in the beginning - he FOUND the binoculars sifting through rubble.The kid died in the blast. Looks like the shadow of that monster was seared into the lenses of those binoculars, so I'm guessing that poor kid may have had the same thing happen to him that happened to the guy on the boat. Before he was eviscerated by the "bomb." I'm sure future issues will help clarify.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow_King View Post
How did you guys feel about the first issue of Batman/Superman? I was pretty mixed on it, but overall I thought it was enjoyable. Enough for me to finish out the first arc, at least.
I really liked it, but didn't know what to makes of those last few pages until I read spoilers that helped me make sense of it all.


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