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Default Re: The Official Superman Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
Lobdell is honestly one of my least-favorite writers I've ever encountered on any comic. I have a general rule now to avoid him at all costs, and I'm only making an exception this time so I'm not lost when Pak begins his run.

On the flip side, I think Grant Morrison is a genius, and one of the most imaginative writers in all of superhero comics. I just love his writing to bits, Action Comics included. He and Mark Waid are probably my favorite current superhero writers.

As for Pak, he was one of Marvel's best, imo, so I have high hopes for him on DC.

Yeah, I don't think either of those characters is Perry's uncle, and we're not supposed to know who the guy on the boat is yet.
Lol on Lobdell. I mean I don't blame you. You don't wanna waste your money.
Oh okay. You made it sound like you weren't too fond of Morrison's run on Action by use of the word "wacky" haha. My bad. And thanks again for the clarification. Maybe we'll find out Wednesday

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