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Default Re: DC Relaunching Everything? - Part 10

This dollar raise for Justice League Dark is getting old. That said, it's also selling badly, so these tie-ins to the main Justice League stories and the dollar jump might be a help for the title.

I'm actually surprised that Phantom Stranger didn't get canceled after Trinity War due to how badly it sells. It does need to wrap up the Sin Eater storyline, so maybe it's going to last until then. Or maybe they're waiting to see how sales are after the Trinity War tie-ins.

I bought the first issue of the new Green Lantern creative team and am torn on whether or not to continue it. I buy too much but love Hal Jordan. I skipped this past issue and realized yesterday that I miss it, but I hate the almost constant crossovers with the Green Lantern titles. October's solicitations doesn't help me make that decision as the cost of buying Green Lantern jumps from $3 to $17 for a single month. I hate that.

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