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Default Re: For how long will the MCU go?

As far as genres are concerned, the "superhero" genre has a good chance of becoming a staple genre. It could become that kind of genre that you know you'll get 2-3, maybe more, films a year. Same way with horror, action, romcom, comedy etc. The only thing is will it continue to produce quality films or will studios start getting lazy because they know people will still come see them.
This translate to the reboots in that if they continue making good money after the first recast (which is looking to be RDJ after A3) then there won't be a reboot like how all other CBMs have so far.

Eventually, they will have to do a sort of "soft reboot" to reintroduce the origins of the characters again. But that won't be for another 10-15 years. Basically when the next generation is hitting their teens. However, when they have to do this I think they may not do a full blown origin story and may instead decide to do a flashback origins type of thing when they recast the characters at that time.

And yes, WB/DC will be following their example once if they get it right.

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