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Default Re: Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Images Thread

Originally Posted by Duran Man View Post
I was thinking that the final battle would involve Sentinels, especially if it turns out that Xavier, Hank, Logan, Magneto, and Mystique are all on the same side.
I doudt that will happen.DOFP will have film versions of 3 core ideas most likely

1ark future with sentinles
2:Time travel to attempt to prevent future
3:A version of Brotherhood tries to assassinate a human and what passes as
early X-Men have to stop them

It's already been said there will be things from original comic In film version.

with sentinles the most I could see Is early protype of sentinles used In 1973.
Maybe It Is unleashed when brotherhood attacks.

Maybe the sentinles In future come out because antimutant humans take Trask's designs and upgrade them with present X-Men world technolgy.That's the most logicil reason to work In Sentinles and explan way there were never used In OT.

Also If film cuts back and forth between 1973 and future you could have final battle aganst sentinles In future intercit with Brotherhood's attempt to assassinate Trask most likely,assuming he replaces Kelly as Brotherhood's target.

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