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Default Re: Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Images Thread

First off we have no idea that Josh Hellman Is playing a mutant.And even If he
Is he could be playing a new member of Brotherhood say Avalanche.

This film already has a large cast.Some people are ignoring that.On one hand you got people are saying is this cast too big and others want them to add even more

You have wolverine In both time frames.7 other vets of OT In future scenes+
Bishop,warpath,Blink,and Sunspot and Sentinles plus Younger versions of
Xavier,Magneto+Beast,Mystique,Trask,Quicksilver and Nixon+whoever Josh
Helman Is playing.

This Is pretty big cast already.And this Isn't counting possable Inclusion of Havok,Jean,and Cyclops.

DOFP wraps In August so inless some announcements are made at Comic Con
I wouldn't expect much more besides cameos they want to keep a surprise.

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