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Default Re: // ' Lights, Camera, Action!': The Official Filming DOFP Thread [April15-Oct]

Originally Posted by JP View Post
They're constantly filming without Jackman. He takes about 3 days off to go home to NYC every week, and he's had a few full weeks off in the past.
There has been consent signs this won't be like last Stand.Hugh consently being away Is clue while Wolverine Is major role in film he's not In every scene.

It could be similar In some ways to X2 except there won't be any need to deal
with wolverine's past.I think we will likely get more personal arcs for Xavier,Beast,Magneto,Mystique.

It will be Intresting to see some's reaction on this board If they can no longer say Bryan singer only does X_Men films about wolverine even though I disagree
with that staetment about X-Men and X2.

Best comic book films-Superman,X2,The Dark Knight, X-Men Days of Future Past(rogue Cut) Logan,Batman Returns,The Amazing Spider-man,Wonder Woman,X-Men,Captain AMerica:The Winter Soldier
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