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Default Re: Who should play Thanos?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Sam, seein as you are a Thanos fan like myself, what kind of voice do you imagine him. I never imagined Thanos with a big evil menacing voice. I imagined his voice as calm, confident, a tid bit gravely, and is very articulate with a hint of arrogance in it. All this surrounded by a somewhat deep voice because of the simple fact that he is big, atleast 6'7.

Big and powerful and menacing, and deep and raspy is not how I imagine him, but I think I am the minority here.

Like I keep saying, I always liken Thanos to Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. He's bat**** crazy, but he doesn't chew the scenery or thump his chest and boom out threats and nonsense. He speaks in a calm, collected level, sane voice about things that are absolutely and completely insane. If Brando was still alive, he'd unquestionably be my first choice for Thanos. Second would've been Jack Palance. Believe it....or not.


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