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Default Re: Are Superman III and IV really THAT bad?

Superman III is not a bad movie.

It has Christopher Reeve is not only his best, most authorative, most heroic, and most ripped Superman performance (and with the best wig), he also plays THE BEST EVER evil version of a hero. Then you have the awesome junkyard battle, which is intense and pretty brutal. You have the best special effects of the series. The woman being turned into a cyborg - pure nightmare material. Annette O'Toole as a love intrest for Clark, not Superman.

But the main thing people forget is that Superman III isn't about Richard Pryor and computers and Lana. It's about the friction between Clark and Superman. The original title was Superman vs Superman, and if you pay attention you'll see in this movie Clark actually establishes himself as a personality and not just a disguise for Superman. It reaches a head when they split and fight. That's really the point of the film.

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