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Default Re: Should they change the costume for the sequel?

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
I didn't say anything about realism.

Your line of thought would be fine if this Superman assembled or designed his own costume. He didn't; he just found it. So why would he feel the need to slip a pair of red trunks over the top of it? I'm not saying it is impossible, but it would be an unusual decision.
i do think it would seem silly to show him making the decision, which is why they should skip over the explanation. i'm just saying he already wears a costume. he has a goal to inspire the human race. all public figures from rock stars, actors, to politicians craft an image and appearance which helps their cause. they even get plastic surgery. why not superman? if he's even slightly artistic or creative it's believable he could take an interest in his own costume and decide to make improvements. it's believable.

maybe he decides it looks better with trunks and a belt instead of those red stripes on the legs. but don't show him looking in a mirror trying on red underwear. that will look stupid in the movie. as an audience we can just make the assumption that he changed it. they don't have to show it. i really don't think audience members will be confused by adjustments to superman's cosrume any more than the adjustments to most superhero costumes.
the only way you show the explanation is if that explanation will have entwrtainment value or storyvalue. otherwise skip over it.

Well let's send them a message. That this..... THIS IS OUR LAND!!!!!!!!!!!
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