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Default Re: Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Images Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Im sure that set with 1000 extras have something to do with final battle.

I wouldnt be surprised if in fact the final act is X-Men vs Brotherhood vs a few early sentinels.

To have an epic final battle with just brotherhood vs x-men, Singer would need more than the mutants confirmed to date, and even if Josh Helman is a new x-man, that wouldnt be enough to give us something really epic.

Wolverine, Beast and Josh Helman against Magneto, Mystique and Quicksilver? mmmm, doesnt sound like something a movie as heavy as this would have as its final act.

Again, Im sure the final act will have more mutants fighting with each other, so.... superheroehype users can keep posting there wont be any more mutants, but will be funny the day its revealed there are, in fact, more new mutants
The final act could show scenes both in the 70s and the modern-day period.

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Which is actually something that I would prefer to see. I don't think the film will feature much more than one or two epic scale battles between mutants and sentinels and I want them all to happen in the future with the OT mutants plus Bishop, Blink, Warpath and whoever else is with them.

Watching them fight the sentinels inter cut with the FC team trying to stop magneto assassinating whoever he assassinates would be much better and cooler to watch.
I agree!

And I find it hard to believe that the action scenes in the 70s are going to be much bigger than the action scenes in the future (which is rumored to have those giant and shiny Sentinels). So they should just go back and forth with the scenes set in the 70s and the modern-day period.

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